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Table 1 OWL Properties interlinking Places

From: Federated semantic nodes to scale search process in the IoT

Property Name Domain Range
contains Place Place
  Allows a Place to contains other places (e.g. a floor containing some rooms)
isAdjacentTo Place Place
  Models that two places are separated by some boudaries
inEast Place Place
inWest Place Place
inNorth Place Place
inSouth Place Place
  Refinement of isAdjacentTo
givesAccess Premise and not House Premise and not House
  Means that someone can go from one place to the other
hasAnnex Building or House Buidling or House
  Means that a Building or House can have annexes
hasAddress Building or Premise Address
  Allows to attach a postal address to some places
isIncludedIn Place Place
  Means that places can include other places
isPrivate Place Boolean
isPublic Place Boolean
isSemiPrivate Place Boolean
  Allows to know if a place can be searched or not
  1. These properties allow different Places, Buildings, Rooms, Corridors, etc., to be interlinked together e.g. “Room A gives access to Room B“.