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Table 1 Problems experienced

From: Mobile communication for intellectually challenged people: a proposed set of requirements for interface design on touch screen devices

Item Problem
Buttons Some are too small, do not click when pressed and therefore provide no feedback to whether or not the associated number had been dialled or pressed.
Menus Too many, most of them unnecessary, difficult to understand and recall.
Text size Too small to read (even with corrective lenses).
Touch screens When interacting with a tactile component, the user presses on the component and waits until some feedback is received, instructing them how to proceed or to remove their finger from the screen.
In other cases, if two components need to be pressed, one after other, (for instance when introducing text) the finger is not retracted to interact with both, but is dragged across the screen until the second component is reached.
Multi-Touch events: Users are unable to instinctively use the gestures required to zoom, however given sufficient assistance they can learn to generate the required finger movements.